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If you are struggling to manage your debts, a bankruptcy lawyer Port Charlotte FL at Lehn Law, P.A. can help you get your financial life back on track.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Port Charlotte Florida Can Help with Your Debts


Individuals, as well as families and businesses, can often find themselves struggling to make payments on what they owe. Filing for bankruptcy is one of the options that can provide relief when debts become overwhelming and hard to manage. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common bankruptcy forms.

An individual can file for bankruptcy without an attorney. In that case, it is expected that individuals follow the rules of the court where the case is filed, as well as to be familiar with the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Beware, court employees and bankruptcy judges are forbidden by law to help individuals or offer any legal advice.

Since bankruptcy can have long-term legal and financial consequences, and misunderstanding of the law can affect your rights, consulting a qualified lawyer is advisable. If you need assistance with overwhelming debts, our Port Charlotte FL bankruptcy attorneys at Lehn Law, P.A. can help.

From wills and probate to bankruptcy and foreclosure, our practice is comprehensive yet focused on helping Florida’s families and seniors navigate life’s hurdles and prepare for the future. Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your options and get your financial life back on track.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains: What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


If you are unable to pay your debt, you may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy allows your debts to be discharged and gives you a fresh start on your finances by liquidating your assets. However, some debts including child support, alimony, and student loans can not be discharged. On the other hand, the debts that can be discharged include credit card debt, personal loan, medical bills, mortgage, or any other unsecured debt.

To be able to file for this type of bankruptcy, you are obligated to pass the test, meet income requirements, and have your financial records (including income and debts) examined. The whole process should be over in six months.

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might have to sell your assets. An experienced attorney can help you list your assets in such a way that can protect it from liquidation. Our Port Charlotte FL bankruptcy lawyers at Lehn Law, P.A. will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. With offices in both Port Charlotte and Sarasota, Florida, our law firm serves clients in Charlotte and Sarasota County.

Bankruptcy Attorneys: Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a type of reorganization bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court will reorganize and present a 3-5 year repayment plan to the creditors. All the payments will be consolidated into one monthly payment.

In order to be eligible for this type of bankruptcy, the individual has to prove to the bankruptcy court that debts do not exceed a certain amount and that you can afford to pay a court-approved repayment plan. If you pay according to plan, you get to keep your property.

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is complex. Having a qualified attorney can make sure you do everything right. Lehn Law, P.A. can help you to file bankruptcy and will guide you from the beginning of the process to the end, providing support and personalized assistance.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Port Charlotte FL Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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The decision to file for bankruptcy can be life-changing. Although bankruptcy can provide debt relief, that is not the only option. We at Lehn Law, P.A. can analyze your debts, income, and expenses to determine if bankruptcy is the right move in your case.

Our negotiators can often develop an out-of-court solution with creditors that can result in avoiding bankruptcy. Nonetheless, if you believe bankruptcy filing can provide you with debt relief, the first thing you have to do is retain an experienced lawyer.

Whether you want to file for bankruptcy, or you are facing elder law, estate planning concerns, or a probate issue, our lawyers can give you legal advice and the information that you need to make the most well-informed decision for you and your family. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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