• All bankruptcy options are the same.

No, not at all. The fact is that bankruptcy law includes 4 types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.

  • When you file bankruptcy, you will lose everything!

The law provides you with “exemptions” and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you get the most use from them. In many cases, filers keep their home, car and personal items. There are things you will lose: *Stress *Creditor Harassment *Being garnished *Sleepless nights And you will gain: *A trusted advisor *Peace of mind *Dignity *A fresh start

  • You will not qualify for loans.

It’s true that filing for bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to qualify for a loan again. It’s important to begin rebuilding your credit soon after bankruptcy.

  • If you’re married, both of you must file.

Though this may be a fact in many cases, it is not always. If the debts are in only one spouse’s name, there is no need for both to file.  As always, before you decide, consult with a bankruptcy attorney for the best advice.

  • Only ‘losers’ file BKC, right?

Absolutely not! Fact is most people who file didn’t do anything risky or reckless that led to their financial stress. They file because fate has dealt them a blow – divorce, loss of a job, identity theft or a serious illness – that wreaked havoc on their finances. Most file after months — or even years — of struggling to pay their bills and yet falling more and more behind. Bankruptcy is not always the answer, but for some it may be the only answer. In summary Don’t believe the myths about bankruptcy Meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney Tell me your story, Explore your options