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Pet Trusts

Wealthy Pets?   Yes there are cats and dogs out there with more money than you. This summer it was reported in the New York Post, USA Today and other news outlets that a Bronx widow, Ellen Frey-Wouter, left her cats, Tiger and Troy, $300,000.00 of her $3 million estate. The cats were left in Read More

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney

Guardianship and Powers of Attorney As people age, it is very common for them to have their Estate Planning done by an attorney. Most people make it a priority when aging to make sure they have a Power of Attorney in place. With a Power of Attorney, you trust a family member to manage your Read More

Guardianship Responsibilities

What are your responsibilities as guardian? Generally the duties of being a guardian are to oversee the welfare and safety of the person under guardianship, and to attend to the financial needs of the individual, using their assets wisely. A guardian has a legal duty, called a “fiduciary duty”, to act in the best interests of the Read More

The DNR and The Living Will

There was a new story regarding a nursing home facility in the area where 3 employees violated protocol by not administering CPR to an 85-year-old resident. The resident allegedly did not have a DNR on file.  And according to his daughter, he wanted full code protocol which means he wanted to be administered life-saving procedures Read More

Qualified Income Trusts and Medicaid

What does a Qualified Income Trust do?   Applying for Medicaid can be tricky and is best done by a professional. The average monthly cost for a skilled nursing facility is $8944.00 per month in Florida.  Many people are applying for governmental benefits to assist with the cost. Medicaid can be the solution. If you’re Read More

Nursing Home Neglect

Many children and loved ones are hundreds of miles away and do not see their loved one very often.Well, that happened to one of my clients. Entrusting the care of your elderly loved ones to nursing home is a difficult decision. But wonder if you feel that they aren’t receiving the needed care?   She sent Read More

The Dreaded 341 Meeting aint so bad

341 meeting Today we are going to talk about Bankruptcy 101: The dreaded 341 meeting. What does this even mean? First of all, the 341 meeting is a statutory meeting required in the bankruptcy courts. It’s called a meeting of the creditors. It takes place within 35 days of the filing for bankruptcy petition and Read More

Keeping Mom and Dad Safe During a Storm

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Criteria The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills has drawn lots of bad press and rightfully so. Many of people are asking themselves the question, how safe are my loved ones in that long term care community? The hurricane demolished the electrical grid, causing tens of thousands to lose power. The Read More

Preserving the Family Legacy

 Save the Legacy The Doctor says that it’s that time, the time when the tables have turned and instead of mom and dad taking care of you, they need you to take care of them. Talk about stress. You want to do the right thing but, how?  You have a life and children of your Read More

Florida Medicaid Waiver Program

What is the Florida Medicaid Waiver Program? Medicaid is an entitlement program, run by the state and funded by the federal government. Now, in order to qualify for Medicaid, there are two components. We’re talking specifically about long term care. To qualify for Medicaid there is a financial component and there are guidelines, income requirements, Read More