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How do I improve my credit after my bankruptcy discharge?

People are often scared to file bankruptcy due to common misconceptions. They are worried that their credit will be destroyed forever and they will never be able to buy anything again. The truth is after you file bankruptcy you no longer have debt so creditors are ready and eager to give you some of that Read More

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Nursing Home – Myth VS. Reality

Considering whether a loved one may need to be moved to a nursing home may cause much anxiety. Are you making the right decision? We know we cannot take care of them ourselves, but have heard negative things about nursing homes. Everyone has an opinion. So what is real and what is not? Well hopefully Read More

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Elderly Financial Exploitation – What are the warning signs?

A man was arrested on charges of elderly exploitation. Exploitation of who? His own parents. The elderly couple, William and Janet Powers, were in their early 70s when they hired an attorney to prepare a Durable Power of Attorney giving authority to their only living child, Ryan Powers. And shortly thereafter the exploitation began. Only Read More

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Medicaid Programs and You – What you need to know

Your elderly parents are in need of a nursing home. The average cost for a nursing home in Florida is $8,346.00. Unless your parents have insurance which will cover this expense, this is usually a financial burden on the family. There are government programs that can help. Medicaid and VA benefits can help supplement the Read More

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Florida CARES

The State of Florida Medicaid is a program based on financial and medical requirements. An important part of the Medicaid application process is a program called CARES. CARES is a Florida program that issues an evaluation to meet the medical requirements required for Medicaid.  CARES, which stands for Comprehensive Assessment and Review for Long-Term Care Read More

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Estate Planning – Documents You Need

We all know that estate planning documents are an important part of our financial and long term planning. Whether we are young or old, having the right documents can give us peace of mind. Completing estate planning documents takes the burden of having to make tough decisions off of our loved ones. It also helps Read More

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Bankruptcy Myths vs. Facts

All bankruptcy options are the same. No, not at all. The fact is that bankruptcy law includes 4 types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. When you file bankruptcy, you will lose everything! The law provides you with “exemptions” and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you get the most Read More

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Knock, knock. You’ve been served.

You get a knock on the door. When you answer, it is someone standing there holding a large stack of paper. You are being served with a lawsuit. Now what? First, let’s talk about why you are getting served this lawsuit. Perhaps you are not paying on a debt you owe or haven’t fulfilled a Read More

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Life with Dementia

We have all heard of the terrible disease that affects so many of today’s elderly: dementia. Some of us have even cared for a loved one who received the diagnosis. What does someone with this dementia experience? Recently our Firm got to experience four minutes in the life of a person with dementia. During that Read More

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The Dangers of a DIY Will

Do it yourself (or “DIY”) is becoming more popular every day. There is a DIY for almost everything from household products to legal documents. DIY wills offer a cheaper alternative to hiring an attorney, but as attractive as those prices may seem, it can be a risky approach. Many people are avoiding hiring an attorney Read More

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