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The Dangers of a DIY Will

Do it yourself (or “DIY”) is becoming more popular every day. There is a DIY for almost everything from household products to legal documents. DIY wills offer a cheaper alternative to hiring an attorney, but as attractive as those prices may seem, it can be a risky approach. Many people are avoiding hiring an attorney Read More

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Mediation – Is it for you?

It’s Mediation, not to be confused with meditation. A lot of people wish they could meditate their problems away……I digress…Mediation is a procedure where the parties, with or without attorneys, though I advise you to go to mediation with an attorney, go to a Mediator to try to work out a settlement. Mediation can be Read More

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Avoiding the Contest of A Will

In a previous blog, I talked about contesting a Will. I mentioned how unlikely it is for someone to win the lawsuit when they are challenging a Will. In many cases, someone would try to challenge a Will if the individual was deemed to no longer have mental capacity when the Will was signed. However, Read More

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What if someone contests my will?

It has been the law in Florida for many years that Florida judges must make every effort to respect the wishes of the person who has passed away and whose property is being probated. As explained by a Florida judge back in 1927, “ … wills should be given effect except on clear showing of deception, Read More

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