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What is an Elder Law Attorney? Here's a video to help

What is an Elder Law Attorney? The Sarasota Professional Group organization had the opportunity to find out. Attorney Joseph Lehn spoke to the group about how he became an Attorney Read More

Estate Planning – Documents You Need

We all know that estate planning documents are an important part of our financial and long term planning. Whether we are young or old, having the right documents can give Read More

Is Guardianship the Answer? Part II - Elderly with Limitations

Old age brings many casualties - reason, clarity, sanity, and independence, among others. When you observe your elderly loved one struggling to care for their needs, health, or finances you want Read More

Is a guardianship needed even if there is a Power of Attorney?

Especially as people age, it is common for them to have estate planning done by an attorney that includes a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney authorizes someone to Read More

No Power of Attorney? What now?

I recently received the following email from a client: "Attorney Lehn, my father had a stroke and is in the hospital. The doctor says that he will now need long Read More

Baker Act Yes or No

IS BAKER ACT THE RIGHT CHOICE? When you have a loved one that may be a danger to themselves or others time is of the essence. The Florida Mental Health Act Read More

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney

Guardianship and Powers of Attorney As people age, it is very common for them to have their Estate Planning done by an attorney. Most people make it a priority when aging Read More

Viewing 1 - 7 out of 7 posts