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2018 Year in Review – Lehn Law, P.A. is Wrapping up 2018 and Ready for 2019

While you are spending time reading online about 2018 lists, reviews, and top this and that, Lehn Law, P.A. enjoyed a year end luncheon to wrap up our 2018. We hope you had as good of a 2018 as we did. We started out the year at new office locations for both our Port Charlotte Read More

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What is the difference between an Executor and a Personal Representative?

When an individual passes away, much needs to done to settle their affairs, which may include liquidating and distributing assets, paying debts and filing tax returns. The person who is entrusted with this responsibility may be called an executor, a personal representative or administrator. These titles all refer to the individual acting in a fiduciary Read More

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What is an Elder Law Attorney? Here’s a video to help

What is an Elder Law Attorney? The Sarasota Professional Group organization had the opportunity to find out. Attorney Joseph Lehn spoke to the group about how he became an Attorney and what sets him apart as an Elder Law Attorney. He educated the group about important legal documents that can assist them now and into Read More

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What do I need to do as a Trustee of a Trust?

When a client retains our office to draft a Trust, a Trustee must be chosen. But the client may want to know before choosing a person, what will a trustee be responsible for. The person appointed as trustee may wonder the same. First, it is important to know what a trust is. A trust is Read More

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How to avoid probate in Florida

You have many assets to leave to your heirs and your wishes as to how they will be distributed are all written in your will. Many people think that it’s just that simple; you have a Will, everything is distributed as said in the Will and no probate is needed. However, that is not the Read More

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Estate Planning Blunders to Avoid

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. As we age, things happen, life happens, sometimes terrible things happen. Be prepared. Here are a few estate planning blunders to avoid: Failing to Make a Living Will It is a very important estate planning document. A Living Will addresses prolonging your life if you are Read More

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Can a guardian change a will?

Can a court appointed guardian change the Ward’s will? A guardian has a legal, or fiduciary duty, to act in the best interest of the Ward. A Ward has already been deemed to have limited mental capacity. What authority does the guardian have in regards to estate planning? The powers of a guardian are listed Read More

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Estate Planning for Snowbirds

There are many advantages to being a snowbird. You get to live in 2 different states or countries (if you’re from Canada.) You can avoid the harsh northern winters AND the sweltering heat of the southern summers. You have the best of both worlds. It is important for snowbirds to have a plan in place Read More

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Death and the Safety Deposit Box

When the Assets of an Estate Include a Safe Deposit Box When the renter of a safe deposit box passes away, how do you gain access to the box? Before we answer that question, warning, even if you have Power of Attorney and have the keys to the box, hold off accessing it after the Read More

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Pet Trusts

Wealthy Pets?   Yes there are cats and dogs out there with more money than you. This summer it was reported in the New York Post, USA Today and other news outlets that a Bronx widow, Ellen Frey-Wouter, left her cats, Tiger and Troy, $300,000.00 of her $3 million estate. The cats were left in Read More

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