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Nursing Home – Myth VS. Reality

Considering whether a loved one may need to be moved to a nursing home may cause much anxiety. Are you making the right decision? We know we cannot take care of them ourselves, but have heard negative things about nursing homes. Everyone has an opinion. So what is real and what is not? Well hopefully this list of Myth vs. Reality will help clear up some of the misconceptions of nursing home care.

  • Myth: Medicaid does not pay for the services you want.
  • Reality: Medicaid Residents are entitled to the same service as other residents.


  • Myth: Only staff can determine the care that is received.
  • Reality: Residents and family have the right to participate in developing a care plan to fit their needs.


  • Myth: Staff cannot accommodate individual schedules.
  • Reality: A nursing home must make reasonable adjustments to honor residents’ needs and preferences.


  • Myth: You will need to hire private help.
  • Reality: A nursing home must provide all necessary care.


  • Myth: Restraints are required to prevent the residents from wandering away.
  • Reality: Restraints cannot be used for the nursing home’s convenience or as a form of discipline.


  • Myth: Family visiting hours are restricted.
  • Reality: Family members can visit at any time of day or night.


  • Myth: Therapy must be discontinued because the resident is not progressing.
  • Reality: Therapy may be appropriate even if the resident is not progressing; Medicare may pay even without currently showing progress.


  • Myth: You must pay any amount billed by the nursing home for extra charges.
  • Reality: A nursing home may only require extra charges authorized in the admission agreement.


  • Myth: Nursing homes have no available space for residents or family members to meet.
  • Reality: A nursing home must provide a private space for residents or family.


  • Myth: The residents can be evicted because he or she is difficult or is refusing medical treatment.
  • Reality: Being difficult or refusing treatment does not justify an eviction.

Make sure you get the correct information before assuming the worse. Talk to knowledgeable people who specialize in nursing home care. Take tours of different communities. A knowledgeable elder law attorney can help guide you through the myths of nursing home care.

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