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What is an Elder Law Attorney? Here’s a video to help

What is an Elder Law Attorney? The Sarasota Professional Group organization had the opportunity to find out. Attorney Joseph Lehn spoke to the group about how he became an Attorney and what sets him apart as an Elder Law Attorney. He educated the group about important legal documents that can assist them now and into Read More

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Elderly Financial Exploitation – What are the warning signs?

A man was arrested on charges of elderly exploitation. Exploitation of who? His own parents. The elderly couple, William and Janet Powers, were in their early 70s when they hired an attorney to prepare a Durable Power of Attorney giving authority to their only living child, Ryan Powers. And shortly thereafter the exploitation began. Only Read More

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Estate Planning – Documents You Need

We all know that estate planning documents are an important part of our financial and long term planning. Whether we are young or old, having the right documents can give us peace of mind. Completing estate planning documents takes the burden of having to make tough decisions off of our loved ones. It also helps Read More

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Do I need A Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney, often referred to as a POA, is a legal document. It designates a specific person to manage your financial affairs. The person(s) you designate is called an agent. If due to advanced age, illness or accident, you become incapacitated and no longer able to control your financial affairs the agent can Read More

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Is a guardianship needed even if there is a Power of Attorney?

Especially as people age, it is common for them to have estate planning done by an attorney that includes a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney authorizes someone to manage your affairs, should you ever become unable to yourself. Having a Power of Attorney in place should prevent the necessity of a guardianship, but Read More

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Estate Planning Blunders to Avoid

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. As we age, things happen, life happens, sometimes terrible things happen. Be prepared. Here are a few estate planning blunders to avoid: Failing to Make a Living Will It is a very important estate planning document. A Living Will addresses prolonging your life if you are Read More

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Estate Planning for Snowbirds

There are many advantages to being a snowbird. You get to live in 2 different states or countries (if you’re from Canada.) You can avoid the harsh northern winters AND the sweltering heat of the southern summers. You have the best of both worlds. It is important for snowbirds to have a plan in place Read More

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No Power of Attorney? What now?

I recently received the following email from a client: “Attorney Lehn, my father had a stroke and is in the hospital. The doctor says that he will now need long term care. The social worker at the hospital called asking me if my father has a power of attorney. I don’t believe he does. . Read More

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