Advocates in Aging: How Experienced Elder Care Attorneys Sarasota Can Help You

Our elder care attorneys in Sarasota, Florida, can help with many aspects of life as you age, including Medicaid planning, long-term care, estate planning decisions, elder law issues, and much more.

Elder Care Attorneys Sarasota Can Help Aging Clients Protect Their Rights


Elder law focuses on the needs of the elderly and issues that can arise in the elder years. Elders can face mental or physical decline as well as the inability to care for themselves. Because of that, when these issues do arise, hiring a Sarasota elder law attorney would be a smart move.

An elder law attorney needs to be experienced not only in elder law but also be able to handle a wide range of legal matters. These matters include estate and trust administration, estate planning, creating wills and living trusts, powers of attorney, dealing with issues related to healthcare such as Medicaid planning, and other needs and challenges aging clients may face.

The trusted attorneys at Lehn Law, P.A. have extensive experience dealing with all these elder law legal issues and use it to offer compassionate representation to Florida seniors and their families. They have the skills and resources to provide effective solutions to the personal and financial challenges that aging and disability may bring.

Elder Care Attorney Sarasota FL: What Estate Planning Problems Elderly May Face


Seniors often worry about asset protection. Whether they’ve planned ahead or not, estate planning is a crucial step in protecting their loved ones. Through this process, you can make estate and healthcare decisions in advance, as well as decide who inherits your estate.

Although some people think estate planning is just for the wealthy, that is not the case. The estate covers everything from money to business assets. The goal of estate planning is to create legal documents to manage your affairs so your loved ones could follow your wishes in case of your death or incapacity.

A skillful estate planning and elder law attorney can assist in the process of planning probate or help avoid probate altogether. He or she can also help you establish a living trust, make a Designation of Health Care Surrogate, set up guardianship, and may even be able to help in the event of elder abuse.

The Sarasota County estate planning and elder law attorney at Lehn Law, P.A. can offer legal advice as well as answer any questions you may have regarding this process.

How Can Sarasota, Florida, Elder Care Attorney Assist in Medicaid Planning?


Medicaid is a public benefit program most people only hear about when their family member needs nursing home care. The cost of nursing home care or assisted living facilities is expensive, and Florida Medicaid is one way to pay for it.

Eligibility for this type of care is assessed on a case-by-case basis, but there are eligibility criteria that have to be met. In addition to being over 65, disabled or blind, aging applicants also have to be deficient in daily activities like eating, dressing, bathing, and others. But, a seasoned Sarasota elder law attorney can help a client fill in the application correctly and make sure all necessary documents are filed through the proper channels.

Eligibility strategies for Medicaid can be complex, but we at Lehn Law, P.A. are passionate about helping Florida seniors live out their golden years in dignity. Working with our Medicaid and long-term care planning experts can contribute to the asset protection of the client’s spouse as well as protect the clients’ eligibility to receive the care they require.

How Can Elder Care Attorney Sarasota FL Assist in Medicaid Planning

Our Special Needs and Elder Care Sarasota Lawyers Can Offer Legal Advice


If you do not make certain decisions regarding your health, estate, financial affairs, or other legal issues, the State of Florida will do that instead. For example, without a financial power of attorney, the court will appoint someone you may not even know to make your crucial financial decisions. Also, if your family members aren’t named in your health care power of attorney, they may be denied access to your medical records.

The same applies to the living trust, which gives control of your assets to a trustee you have named in order to work for the benefit of your heirs or beneficiaries. There are other benefits of the living trust, including avoiding probate or contested wills, special needs planning, providing for minors, and dealing with complex family situations.

Making decisions about the end of your life and the division of your property is often hard to think about. But, as the years go by, a properly drafted and executed power of attorney, health care surrogate, living will, and other related documents become crucial. Our Florida elder law lawyers will work alongside you and offer all of the information and expert legal advice you or your family may need.

Special Needs and Elder Care Sarasota Lawyers

Disability Lawyer Sarasota, Florida: How Lehn Law Firm Can Help You With Veterans Benefits


If your loved one has served in the armed forces, they may be eligible for Veterans Pension benefits. However, these benefits are among the most under-used resources available to the elderly. There are certain eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify for these benefits. These lists can be confusing though, resulting in too few veterans and their spouses applying. In addition, there are income and resource limits.

But, these limits can be dealt with through skillfully executed legal planning techniques by an experienced lawyer, which will bring aging individuals under the financial caps. Joseph W. Lehn, the managing partner of Lehn Law, P.A., is an accredited VA planning attorney. He works hard to provide appropriate legal advice to the elderly and assist them and their family members with other legal matters.

Lehn Law, P.A. has a law office in Port Charlotte as well, serving Sarasota County, Charlotte, Manatee, and Lee Counties. To make sure your loved one’s elder law rights are protected, we urge you to contact us today and let us be your Florida advocates in aging law. Start planning for the future you and your loved ones deserve by scheduling a free consultation, where you can learn more about Lehn Law Firm and the services we are offering.

Disability Lawyer Sarasota How Can Lehn Law Firm Help You With Veterans Benefits

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