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Elder law attorney, Joseph W. Lehn and his team at Lehn Law, P.A., offer compassionate representation for Florida seniors and their families.

Our Elder Law Lawyers Understand the Legal Issues You’re Facing


The legal matters faced by the elderly often include critical things like your healthcare, finances, and housing. Needless to say, these issues can be overwhelming and stressful.

Elder law is the area of law that refers to these problems. It involves protecting the elderly and their rights, as well as handling the issues that most affect the aging population, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Guardianship
  • Medicaid and VA planning
  • Probate and Trust administration
  • Asset protection
  • Health care and Incapacity planning
  • Special needs planning

Lehn Law, P.A., and their team of Sarasota attorneys offer compassionate and personalized representation for Florida seniors and their families facing these legal issues and other elder law matters.

Find a Lawyer Experienced in Elder Law Sarasota

Seniors worry not only about their health but their assets and estate as well. Estate planning is one of the essential parts of protecting your loved ones. Seniors want to make sure their assets are distributed according to their wishes, and that their family is taken care of.

Many people keep putting this off, but the truth is, if you don’t do it, the State of Florida will. It’s impossible to predict future events, and the best thing you can do is be prepared, whether you are facing a terminal diagnosis or you are in perfect health.

Attorneys at Lehn Law, can provide legal advice, relevant information, and answer all of your questions. Sarasota Estate planning attorneys at this law firm will make sure your family and assets are protected.


Sarasota Elder Law Attorneys Can Help Appoint a Guardian

When a family member becomes incapacitated and unable to make decisions, appointing a legal guardian becomes necessary.

An experienced guardianship attorney, Sarasota can guide you through this process or assist you in appointing a guardian for yourself. Making decisions like this while you are still able can help you make sure your wishes are being followed.

Elder Care Sarasota: Medicaid Planning

If your elderly family member requires long-term care, a decision to put him or her in a nursing home can be difficult as well as expensive. Medicaid applications can be complex, but many people are eligible to receive benefits.

Knowledgeable Medicaid planning and elder care attorney Sarasota, Florida, at Lehn Law, can help you file the application correctly and make sure your or your loved one’s assets are protected from liquidation.


Elder Care Attorney Sarasota Can Assist With Getting VA Benefits

If you or your loved one have served your country with honor, you may be entitled to veterans’ benefits, especially if you need long-term care. Eligibility requirements for Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit (Pension) are strict.

However, Joseph W. Lehn, the managing partner of Lehn Law, P.A., is an accredited VA planning attorney. He can provide the right information or a piece of legal advice necessary to secure your benefits.

What Questions Should I Ask an Elder Law Attorney Sarasota?


There are many questions that you can ask an elder law attorney. However, it’s important to know what type of lawyer will best suit your needs.

For example, if you need someone who specializes in Medicaid planning or guardianship proceedings, they would not necessarily provide advice on wills and trusts. So before asking any questions make sure you know what type of legal services you need first.

Once you have determined which type of legal service you require from your lawyer you can start asking them more specific questions about their experience and qualifications in that area.

It’s also important to find out how much they charge for their services so that way when making a decision about which lawyer to hire you can factor in cost as well as other factors.

Talking about ultimate estate planning and elder law issues is not always easy. But, finding a communicative attorney who can create a relaxed atmosphere can be helpful. At the Lehn Law office, we have a team of experienced elder law attorneys who can help you with any legal needs related to aging—including estate planning and long-term care.

We believe that compassionate and competent legal services can have beneficial effects on our clients’ lives, and we are here to provide them. No matter what challenges you face, our elder law firm is just a phone call away. We will listen carefully to your concerns and wishes, address them and provide answers or formal legal advice.

Our goal is to make sure that your family has peace of mind knowing that their loved one will be taken care of when they can no longer take care of themselves.

How Do I Choose a Good Elder Law Lawyer?

In the event you or a loved one will face an illness or be impaired cognitively, it is imperative you have completed all the necessary paperwork for estate planning and long-term care planning. It is often the case, though, that a family is trying to complete paperwork during a medical crisis or when a loved one is unable to manage their affairs anymore.

When you seek legal advice from a dedicated Florida lawyer, finding one who is competent and knowledgeable is very important. You want someone you feel comfortable with and with who you can build a great attorney-client relationship with. You should speak with an attorney as soon as possible so the most planning options are available while you are able to make decisions on your own.


Choosing the Best Sarasota Elder Law Attorneys

Choosing the right elder law and estate attorney in Sarasota can’t be easy. Lawyers at our firm understand how personal these matters can be. We are passionate about helping our Florida seniors live in dignity and making sure that their voice is heard when it comes to their wishes and property.

How Is the Question of Mental Capacity Determined?


The question of mental capacity is determined by the attorney on a case-by-case basis. There are several reasons why you may need an attorney should you be incapacitated, like:

  • How you will pay for long-term care (private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, or social security).
  • How your affairs will be managed during your lifetime, like how bills will be paid.
  • How family assets will be preserved so your spouse or other family members will be protected.
  • Revocable living trusts, wills, and payable on death accounts.
  • Housing options like staying at home.
  • The distribution of assets when you die.

When you are looking for an attorney, you should begin by getting recommendations. Your first step should be asking family members, friends, or co-workers if they have suggestions.

The next step is to find a legal representative who is committed to providing excellent legal service and is an advocate in aging and aging law. You may also consult the legal aid office in your county.

For help with end-of-life planning, contact us or follow us on social media. We will provide you excellent attorney-client relationship as you or your loved one ages.

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