Dear Attorney Lehn, I really need your help. My daughter was sick and I had to take an unpaid leave from my job and I fell behind on my mortgage. A foreclosure was filed against me. I am working now and want to keep my house. What can I do? Well, this person has a few options to save the house from being sold. First, fight the foreclosure and get the bank to prove they possess all the proper documents that allow them to repossess the property. If they do, we can battle it out. If they don’t we can force them to dismiss the foreclosure altogether. If we are successful in getting the case dismissed, the bank has to get their ducks in a row and will have to re-file the case. Meanwhile the homeowners can be living in the house. Another option is mediation, the government offers many programs that this homeowner may qualify for to reduce the payment, reduce the interest and even reduce the principal. The homeowner may also consider redeeming the property and paying off the mortgage in full. In summary Foreclosure is a serious matter, don’t tackle it alone Homeowners have rights, make the bank prove their case Modification is always an option, don’t undertake a modification without a lawyer If you are served a foreclosure don’t leave your home, all is not lost, you have options.