Making the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home when you can no longer adequately care for them can be a heartbreaking and difficult choice. However, it’s important to make sure that the nursing home you choose has the ability to provide your loved one with proper medical care, hygiene, nutrition, and emotional and social stimulation. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when choosing a nursing home.

Is the Staff Friendly and Receptive to You?

You want your loved one to be in a nursing home where the staff is warm and welcoming to both your loved one and you. Staff that act standoff-ish or rude may be overworked, stretched too thin, under-trained, or hiding deeper problems within the nursing home.

Are the Facilities Clean?

One of the primary things you are looking for in a nursing home is clean facilities. Look for signs that the facilities are cleaned frequently and check your loved one’s would-be room top to bottom. Also, many people don’t think to do this, but it is beneficial to take a brief look at the rooms of other residents as you walk through the halls. Does the staff keep the residents’ rooms clean and picked up? Even if your loved one’s would-be room is spotless, if the rooms of the residents currently living there are not clean, it’s likely that they don’t maintain cleanliness in their facilities.

Are There Activities for Your Loved One?

Elderly individuals crave social interaction in a nursing home environment, even if it’s something as simple as bingo on Thursday evenings. Take a look through the social activities and make sure there is something your loved one can do, if they should choose to.

What Kind of Nutrition Will Your Loved One Be Offered?

Explore the cafeteria and the type of foods being served. You want to be certain there are lots of options for your loved one and that the cafeteria will be able to meet their unique dietary needs. Also make sure there are provisions for days when your loved one may not feel like getting up and going to the cafeteria — in that case, their meals should be brought to the room. Even when you do the best you can in choosing a good nursing home for your loved one, nursing home abuse neglect and elder abuse can still occur. If you believe your loved one is being neglected or abused in the nursing home, don’t hesitate to call Lehn Law, P.A. at (941) 255-5346.