Nursing Home and Assisted Living Criteria The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills has drawn lots of bad press and rightfully so. Many of people are asking themselves the question, how safe are my loved ones in that long term care community? The hurricane demolished the electrical grid, causing tens of thousands to lose power. The Florida Rehabilitation Center was without power, causing the air conditioner to stop working. Eight nursing home residents died due to the high heat. This is a terrible tragedy and as fingers are being pointed for blame we want to make sure this does not happen to our loved ones. What should we look for when looking for an assisted living home for a family member?

  • Location-Is this a location where you can easily go if need be? Is there a hospital close?
  • Building- Notice the building does it look clean and well built? Are the grounds on the community well cared for?
  • Size: How big in the community? Is the community large with lots of beds? What is the ratio of workers to residents?
  • State Licensing: Ask to see the latest state licensing report. Make sure they are current
  • Programs: What different programs does the community offer? Many communities have programs that specialize in conditions that your family member may be dealing with
  • Medical: Is there are doctor on site? Do they offer any kind of therapy?
  • Transportation: Do they offer transportation? Can they take person to doctor’s visits and other activities?
  • Cleaning: Do they have a cleaning service? Who will do the laundry?
  • Activities: What kind, if any activities are offered.
  • Meals: Do they serve three meals a day and snacks and are the meals nutritious ?
  • Price: Can you afford for your loved one to live there?

Make sure to look around the community. See what the rooms look like see how many common rooms are at the community. The more information you find out about the community the more comfortable you and your family member will feel about making that community there permanent residence. Finding the right residential fit for a loved one is stressful. Seek the advice of professionals and ask for referrals. Make an appointment with an elder law attorney who handles these issues on a daily basis.