Your elderly parents are in need of a nursing home. The average cost for a nursing home in Florida is $8,346.00. Unless your parents have insurance which will cover this expense, this is usually a financial burden on the family. There are government programs that can help. Medicaid and VA benefits can help supplement the cost of medical help for the elderly. There are three different types of care that Medicaid will assist with. If someone needs medical help, but are still able to stay at home, Medicaid offers a waiver to help keep your loved ones in their homes with at home care. For those no longer able to live at home, but not yet needing long term nursing home care, Medicaid offers a Diversion Program which will assist in payments to an assisted living facility. If long term nursing home care is needed Medicaid has a program called ICP Medicaid which covers the high financial burden of the cost of a nursing home. Once you realize that your family member or someone you know is in need of one of these programs, your next step should be to speak with a qualified elder law Medicaid attorney who can help you make a plan. Applying for Medicaid is not as simple as just filing out an application. When you are unaware of all of Medicaid rules the process can be a mind field full of unexpected issues. Medicaid offers diverse opportunities for savings and asset protection. An experienced elder law attorney can help protect and spend down clients assets legally. Being unfamiliar with Medicaid rules can lead to an application denial. A qualified Medicaid attorney will deal with the complicated requirements and maybe even get someone with above the income limit get a Medicaid approval. Once the financial and Medical requirements have been met the application the Medicaid attorney will be processed. A qualified attorney can help take the stress and burden off the family and deal with the complex process of Medicaid until the application is approved.