Many children and loved ones are hundreds of miles away and do not see their loved one very often.Well, that happened to one of my clients. Entrusting the care of your elderly loved ones to nursing home is a difficult decision. But wonder if you feel that they aren’t receiving the needed care? She sent me the following message: “Dear Attorney Lehn, My grandfather is 86 years old. He is in a nursing home and I believe the nursing home is neglecting him. When I visit him I notice he has bed sores and isn’t eating. I ask questions and can’t get any answers, what can I do?” I let her know she has several options. First, she needs to demand a meeting with his doctor, the nursing home staff, her grandfather’s care manager, social worker or anyone who will listen. This needs to put on the record in writing that she feels her grandfather is being neglected. Secondly, she may have legal recourse. Nursing homes owe a duty to their residents. A duty of care to provide clean and adequate clothing, medical care for both physical and mental health needs, protection from health and safety hazards and prevention of malnutrition and dehydration. Unfortunately, seniors can face terrible abuse while in a nursing home. It is important to stay in touch with a loved one, especially when they are in the care of others. Don’t just assume that everything is okay. Question anything that seems out of the ordinary. In summary

  • There are many good care providers in our area. Believe me, I know I visit them regularly
  • No two nursing homes are alike
  • Nursing homes owe a duty to their residents
  • Nursing home abuse needs to be addressed immediately