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Receiving notification from the bank that they intend to foreclose on your home is frightening, especially if you have been making payments on your home as agreed.

The truth of home foreclosure is that banks often buy and sell mortgages, transferring your mortgage to other lenders.

  • The bank that is threatening to foreclose on your home has the burden of proof — they must show documentation that they have rightfully purchased the mortgage and that payments have not been made as agreed.
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What Can Foreclosure Defense Do For Me?

Often, banks do not have the necessary documentation to prove that they are the owners of the mortgage.

There may have been mistakes in how the mortgage was closed, or there may be issues relating to appraisal fraud or lender-developer collusion in pricing.

  • An experienced foreclosure defense attorney will thoroughly evaluate your case, tracing your mortgage’s paper trail in order to uncover any mistakes that may cause the bank to be unable to foreclose on your home.

Foreclosure can be devastating for your family, as well as to your credit. At Lehn Law, P.A. we have the expertise you need to create a solid foreclosure defense strategy that increases the chances that you and your family will be able to keep your home.

We are available now to offer the assistance needed to halt your foreclosure, modify your mortgage, redeem your property, short sale your property and seek a waiver of deficiency of the debt. Contact Lehn Law today for a consultation.

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