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Few people have prior experience with Medicaid planning until a member of their family is in need of nursing home care.

Often, they believe that Medicaid will not pay for nursing home care until all assets and resources are depleted, but in Florida, that is not the case.

With assistance from an experienced Medicaid planning attorney, you can help your loved one obtain ICP (Institutional Care Program) Medicaid benefits as quickly as possible.

Medicaid Planning For Families

Making the decision to move forward with nursing home care is difficult enough without having to jump through the hoops that are required to qualify for ICP Medicaid.

A seasoned elder care attorney can help you file the application correctly to ensure that your loved one’s assets are protected from liquidation and any necessary legal documents are filed.

  • This often reduces the time involved in the approval process and can help relieve much of the stress of getting everything in order for your loved one to enter a long term care facility.
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Medicaid Planning For Individuals

If you are considering planning your estate, it is important that you also discuss Medicaid planning with your Elder Law attorney.

Making the decisions now while you are still able can help your family immensely in the future should you require long term care.

  • Medicaid planning can help you protect your own assets, so you can leave them to those you care about most.

Whether you are making decisions for someone else or you are planning for your own future, you need a knowledgeable Medicaid planning attorney who is concerned with protecting the interests and assets of the person needing care.

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