Social Security Disability & SSDI Appeals

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The financial strain from no longer being able to earn a living can be overwhelming.

A Social Security Disability claim may be able to get you the income you need to continue day to day living. However, filing can be difficult and the majority of claims are denied.

Working with a seasoned Florida attorney on your Social Security Disability application can give your case the edge it needs to be approved, either initially or at the appeal.

Filing A Social Security Disability Claim

Filing a Social Security Disability claim isn’t as easy as going to an office or website and filling out paperwork. The claims process is significantly more involved.

It is important that you file for benefits as soon as you become unable to work. Each case has a claims representative that can assist you with general questions and concerns, but a skilled attorney can provide you with information related to your specific case.

  • With an attorney on your side, you can avoid a denial based on mistakes or common errors in the application. Since up to 60% of initial claims that are filed get denied, working with an experienced attorney can be the key to receiving benefits.

Filing A Social Security Disability Appeal

If your claim is denied or you are not being compensated correctly, you can appeal by filing a written request within 60 days of receiving your decision.

The Social Security Administration will reconsider your application, or you be granted a hearing before a judge.

In some cases, your application will need to be reviewed by the Social Security Appeals Council or a lawsuit will need to be filed in federal district court to obtain fair compensation for you.

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