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Florida Time Sharing Attorney

The State of Florida supports both parents being involved with their children. A time sharing plan is often the best way to meet the needs of the minor children, as well as the schedules and needs of both parents.

Although a time sharing plan can be created without an attorney, it is to your benefit to work with a lawyer that can help you ensure that the plan works in your favor.

Time Sharing Under Florida Law

Florida law indicates that “it is the public policy of this state that each minor child has frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate or the marriage of the parties is dissolved and to encourage parents to share the rights and responsibilities, and joys, of childrearing. There is no presumption for or against the father or mother of the child or for or against any specific time-sharing schedule when creating or modifying the parenting plan of the child.”

When developing a time sharing plan, the court will consider several factors, including:

  • capacity of the parents
  • disposition of parents
  • geographic viability
  • the desires of children who are old enough to make such a determination

At Lehn Law, P.A. we can assist you in petitioning for the rights and interests of your children, as well as for a plan that works for you.

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