Save the Legacy. The Doctor says that it’s that time, the time when the tables have turned and instead of mom and dad taking care of you, they need you to take care of them. Talk about stress. You want to do the right thing but, how? You have a life and children of your own and unfortunately are unable to properly give your parents the care they desperately need. Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes and broken bones are the leading causes for long term care. What to do? Your next step is trying to find a place for your parents that will properly care for them and figure out how to pay for that care. You start to ask for help from your family. Kids are in college; your job has been downsized. Everyone is busy living their own lives. Next, maybe mom or dad can use their savings and investments to pay for their long term care? The price? $9,000 per month, yikes!!! Dad may need long term care but mom doesn’t. She will still need money to live. The hard work and legacy that your parents have done over the years to leave for you and your family would be wiped out. Would mom or dad want that? You are facing the reality to use that money to pay for their care. The family home may have to be sold to cover nursing home expenses. When all the money finally runs out and you are out of options you are then able to get government help to pay for your parents care. This is the sad story of so many with elderly parents go through. DON’T LET THIS BE YOUR STORY. There is another way. Call an Elder Law attorney who can help you get through this stressful and difficult situation before the funds run dry. Most people are under the impression that you need to have nothing in order to get Medicaid help. An Elder law Attorney can help you save your parents legacy. Before you pick up the phone and make that dreaded phone call to a nursing home, call a qualified Elder Law Attorney who assists families in preserving assets and qualifying folks for Medicaid.