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Sarasota estate planning attorneys at Lehn Law, P.A., can guide you through the legal process of creating your estate plan to help preserve your wealth and protect your family.

Why Do You Need Estate Planning Attorneys


It’s often stated that timing is everything. This is especially relevant in planning your estate. By creating an estate plan, you have an invaluable opportunity to plainly lay out how you want your estate to be divided after your death and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of. If you wait too long to do so, you may completely miss your chance to have a say in what happens after you are gone, instead of leaving your property in the hands of Florida’s court system and intestacy law.

Our attorneys understand that, for some, the mere idea of creating an estate plan can be frightening. We also know that it is among the most effective ways to protect your family and assets after you are gone. At Lehn Law, P.A. law firm we’re here to help you do precisely that. With a compassionate elder law and estate planning lawyer by your side, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard now so your wishes can be respected later.

How a Sarasota Florida Probate Attorney Can Help You


The estate planning process typically consists of creating an inventory of your assets, creating a will, and establishing a trust. Through expert estate planning, we will work to ensure that the estate administration and probate process goes as smoothly as possible so your loved ones can focus on mourning together following your death instead of worrying about the fate of your property. We likewise help clients in assessing financial and healthcare matters in the case of serious incapacitation, including living wills and durable power of attorney.

Using decades of experience in the fields of estate planning, probate matters, and elder law, trusted attorney Joseph W. Lehn and his associates will inform you of your options and guide you through each step of the legal process to protect your property, express your wishes, and help your loved ones in making difficult healthcare, end-of-life, and financial decisions when you can not make them yourself.

Top Sarasota Florida Probate Lawyers Can Ease Your Worries


As a full-service estate planning law firm, we are committed to working closely with the people and families we represent. Each circumstance is different, and each requires individualized legal service in order to develop effective and reliable solutions. We don’t just take on cases — we take on causes. This key difference is evident in everything we do.

Florida law is complicated, and there are specific regulations and rules we carefully follow to make sure your estate planning documents are all in legal compliance. The outcome is a comprehensive estate plan which meets our clients’ personal and financial requirements.

No matter your background or circumstances, we are here to offer comprehensive, approachable, and professional estate planning services and ease your worries about the future of your property and beneficiaries.

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Many people put off estate planning and assume that it can always be done tomorrow, but it is impossible to predict the events that make it necessary to begin with. Getting your financial affairs in order is crucial to protect your assets and the best interests of your loved ones. Our Sarasota, FL estate planning attorneys know how to protect your assets, limit estate taxes, and transfer wealth to your loved ones.

Don’t let the State of Florida decide who inherits your estate — the time to let get your wishes in writing is now. Let experienced attorneys at Lehn Law, P.A., develop an estate plan that meets the needs of your unique situation. Call us today or fill in the form below to schedule a free consultation with an accomplished estate planning and elder law attorney, and start preparing for the future.

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