How a Sarasota Guardianship Attorney Can Help Your Family

A Sarasota guardianship attorney can help you make plans if someone in your life is getting to the point where they can no longer look after themselves.

When to Hire a Sarasota Guardianship Attorney


Even if your loved ones have never consulted with an estate planning attorney, the time may come when you need to hire a Sarasota Guardianship Attorney at some point. The definition of guardianship is when probate or another court appoints a guardian to make decisions for a person incapable of making decisions because they are a minor or considered incompetent by the legal system.

Sometimes, they will do more than making decisions for a person – they will be in charge of their health, property, and finances, like making purchases or investing money. Typically, the guardian is a family member or an attorney. You should seek the help of an attorney you trust, like Joseph W. Lehn of Lehn Law, P.C., who can advise you or serve as a guardian for your loved one.

The court system is the ultimate guardian because they oversee all those they appoint to be guardians and ensure everyone’s best interests are kept in mind. If your friend or family has physical disabilities that prevent them from taking proper care of themselves but are otherwise capable, you may want to consider conservatorship. This means the person can receive help while still being in control of making their own decisions.


What Does It Mean to Be a Guardian?

Guardianship does not always mean a parent over a minor child. Sometimes, people over the age of eighteen do not or cannot make good choices for themselves, so courts may intervene and try to help. They may help by revoking the person’s right to make their own decisions. The person who will oversee or make the arrangements for another is called a guardian. Their charge is called a ward.

There are several types of guardianship. The first is of a person, the second is of property, and the third is for both. The guardian, who is appointed by the court, makes their ward’s daily decisions to ensure their best interests.

For example, they may monitor the ward’s medical choices, including whether to have surgery. They will also see to it that the ward has groceries and completes everyday tasks. If a guardian is responsible for just the property, their decisions solely involve the property and assets and not the ward themself. If a guardian is responsible for the property and the person, they are known as the plenary guardian. Lawyers familiar with practice areas involving elder law can provide additional information.

Legal Guardianship Attorney Sarasota County


When a person is deemed unable to care for themselves, a legal guardianship attorney in Sarasota County will help their family facilitate assigning a plenary guardian. It is the job of the plenary guardian to make arrangements on the ward’s behalf. Guardians are also appointed for the older person who has dementia and can no longer make safe decisions. A person with a mental, emotional, or developmental disability can also have guardianship established for them when determined they can no longer adequately care for themself.

Before guardianship can be given to another person, it must be taken away from the ward. This is usually done as unobtrusively as possible.


A Florida Law Firm for Guardianship Cases

If you believe a loved one needs a court-appointed guardian to be safe, you should consult a skilled attorney’s advice. They will allow you to discuss your concerns and the circumstances you believe warrant a guardian and suggest alternatives they think are more appropriate.

If you would like to be the guardian of another person, you must understand the strict criteria that must be followed by a guardian. Your attorney can help you understand the obligations you are under when you decide to be a legal guardian.

Legal Guardianship Attorney Sarasota FL


A legal guardianship attorney in Sarasota, FL, can help you navigate estate planning and probate as you work to establish who will care for your elderly or incapacitated loved one. To become a legal guardian or conservator of another adult, you should file a probate court petition. The potential ward will be notified and has the option to hire their own lawyer.

They will then go through a medical evaluation by a doctor or social worker to help the judge better decide. The court will schedule A final hearing. The petitioner may then be chosen as the guardian. A guardian will sometimes be someone previously selected by the potential ward, a spouse of the ward, or a volunteer.

Guardianship Attorney Sarasota FL

Sarasota Attorney Guardianship as an Option


Although many people choose to accept the responsibility of caring for an elderly family member, in some cases, a Sarasota attorney guardianship is a better option. In addition to being qualified to provide legal advice, lawyers are familiar with the Sarasota County probate court system. This ensures your relative will receive the care they require for the remainder of their years.

When your loved one or peer has become incapacitated in the state of Florida, you should consider learning about guardianship law. The goal is to assign power of attorney to help them with their financial affairs while allowing them to maintain as many of their individual rights as possible. A reputable law firm with practice areas that include elder law and guardianships can provide the information and advice you need to properly attend to your loved one’s health and business matters.


Individual Guardianship Tips for Survival

If you choose to take on a guardian’s role, you may be interested in these tips to minimize stress and take care of yourself. After all, the reduction of stress is so important for everyone involved. This can ensure you are your best.

Here are a few of the most common signs of stress:

  • Being unable to make decisions
  • Exhaustion or frequently feeling tired
  • Experiencing headaches or stomach aches
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Overeating or not eating at all
  • Pain the back, shoulders, or neck
  • Sleeping too much or not enough

Unfortunately, not all stress can be eliminated or avoided. Changing the way you handle stress can make all the difference, though.

Sarasota Attorney Guardianship

Estate Planning Guardianship Attorney Sarasota FL


If you have a family member or friend who needs extra help taking care of themselves or their property, an estate planning guardianship attorney in Sarasota, FL, may recommend using a court-appointed guardian. Once you begin looking at attorneys, you may realize you will be working with many professionals. These professionals include health care workers, financial advisors, social workers, and more. They will tell you what kind of protection your loved one needs and what you can do to help.

Knowledgeable lawyers can tactfully work with you and your friend or family member to develop an excellent attorney-client relationship and see that everyone involved in the case remains informed and works together to create a plan. They can also look at what the person’s needs are and respect and protect them. A qualified attorney who has experience will have a proven track record, especially if their law firm has been working with the community for years.


Choosing a Lawyer Experienced in Adult Guardianship and Elder Law

The Sarasota guardianship attorney you choose should take an interest in each client and treat them just like they would their elderly parent. A larger Florida firm may not have a personal touch when it comes to clients. A smaller one may have sympathy for your unique situation and do everything in their power to see to it that the best decision is made for everyone involved. A reputable attorney will also keep you informed, answer all your questions, provide any legal advice you might need, and be there for you every step of the way. To schedule a free consultation, contact us.

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