Being served with a foreclosure lawsuit is one of the most stressful things that a homeowner can face. You have worked to obtain financing to purchase your home and to make your mortgage payments on time. Then it seems that the second you get trapped in a financial hardship, the bank tries to take your house away from you. When you are served with the lawsuit, one of the very first of your concerns is probably how you are going to keep your home. Some hire an Attorney right from the beginning to ensure that they are headed in the right direction and not being taken advantage of by their lender. Others choose to fight the foreclosure themselves thinking that if they just call up their lender and try to negotiate an agreement, the lawsuit will no longer exist and they will be able to keep their house. This is possible … but be careful. The negotiation process could take you longer than you expect. In some cases, the Clerk sets a sale date and the property is sold, all while a negotiation with the lender is taking place. Since you have more options available to you at the start of the foreclosure process than towards the end, hiring an attorney when you are served the lawsuit is helpful. Instead of you negotiating with the lender, your attorney can negotiate for you. The attorney will take the necessary steps to keep you in your house as long as possible and make sure you are being treated fairly. The longer you wait, the fewer the solutions that can be made available to you. You should always consider hiring a qualified Attorney before trying to defend yourself against any type of lawsuit, especially ones that involve your home. Foreclosure Attorneys give you a fighting chance to keep your house and relieve you of all of the stresses that come with trying to get yourself out of a very deep hole.