My Aunt Irma has now outstayed her welcome, as with any guest of her stature we of course spent days preparing for her arrival. We gathered all the family and spent quality time telling all the old stories of drinking from wells and walking in the rain to go the outhouse saying those were the good old days…we listened to the radio shows, played cards and some board games. And whoever was the last to go to bed would be sure to turn off the lantern. Going to Home Depot to fight over plywood and batteries and hoarding water became our priorities. It became all about one thing…survival. Funny how people prepare for a hurricane more than they prepare their estate planning, guess people plan to live forever. Our family made a living off the land, respected the farmer’s almanac, and kept family treasures in coffee cans. Messages could be sent to friends and neighbors via the mail carrier. The good ole days. What would having electricity, running water, a telephone matter if we we’re all blessed and safe from harm’s way? Who knew in today’s world that we need everything in our control in a matter of seconds to not only function for fear of being out of touch, but to run our business and provide for the welfare and safety of others? Yes, Irma has left her mark on us all, and although I can completely appreciate the perseverance of a generation, our interaction with her is wearing not only the patience we once had, but how will we be able to move forward, work to provide for our families. The pony express around here? The power companies, the telephone companies, are trying to be encouraging regarding the cables up and we’ve been told it could be several more days. If you are without power or internet or telephone or television and reading this message, know that I’m right there with you, and thanking the many friends and family that have contacted or helped me see that it WILL BE GREAT AGAIN! (Aunt Irma in the rear view), a full tank of gas, ready to press SEND text, that I’m driving home to shower and watch some Marathon Series that I want to catch up on, and it won’t be Little House on the Prairie . From our family here, to yours, we hope you are all safe, thanks for your patience while we were closed. We were operating from one office last week, further notices from FPL still have some people out for many more days. We are here for any of your legal concerns.