News reports of nursing homes neglect or abuse are disconcerting. How can you avoid this fate for your loved ones? What should you look for when choosing an assisted living facility for a family member?

  • Location– Is this a location where you can easily get to if need be? Is there a hospital close?
  • Building– Does the building look clean and well built? Are the grounds of the community well cared for?
  • Size – How big is the community? What is the ratio of workers to residents?
  • State Licensing– Request to see the latest state licensing report. Make sure they are current with all requirements.
  • Programs- What different programs does the community offer?
  • Medical– Is there a doctor on site? Do they offer any kind of therapy?
  • Transportation- Do they offer transportation? Can they take person to doctor’s visits and other activities?
  • Cleaning – Do they have a cleaning service? Who will do the laundry?
  • Activities– What kind, if any activities are offered.
  • Meals – Do they serve three meals a day and snacks? Are the meals nutritious?
  • Price – Can you afford for your loved one to live there?

Make sure to take a critical eye to the community. Examine both the private rooms and common area rooms at the community. Meet some of the staff and residents. When it is time for someone to go into an assisted living it is never easy time. In fact, it is a difficult and stressful process. The more information you find out about the community, the more comfortable you will feel.