Assisted Living Life is a fragile thing. It can be incredibly difficult taking care of a loved one and often times, we will require help. Assisted living communities are a huge help in a time of need. Finding the right assisted living community is the most important part of the process, as not every place is the same. Here is a list of things to look for when choosing an assisted living community. 1) Get a sense of how clean a place is. Some communities are cleaner than others. They might have expensive furniture sitting out in the lobby and seem great, but that doesn’t mean they will be fresh and clean. You can almost tell the moment you walk in how clean a place is. Concentrate on odors. You’ll most likely run into a single incident or two, but if it persists your entire visit, there might be a larger issue. Trust your nose. 2) Check out the activities. You can tell a lot about the atmosphere of a place by how they conduct activities. Are there a lot of residents who participate? Does it look like everyone is enjoying themselves? Is the staff active and helpful? Are there a lot of events listed on a regular basis? The answers to these questions will give you a good indication of how happy the residents are and enthusiastic the staff are towards them. 3) Get a good look at outdoor areas. Being able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air is important to our health. The right assisted living community will have activities and/or opportunities to get outside. If they have an outdoor space, does it look safe and sound? We’re not talking about a break spot for the staff, but an actual place for the residents. 4) Eat at the residence. Eating a good, wholesome meal is also important to the health of your loved one. Take a tour of the eating facility. Speak with those who prepare the food and go over what a normal meal is life. Sample the food and talk to other residents about how it is. How do they handle the situation if someone can’t make it to the dining area? At the end of the day, keep your eyes open and trust your instincts. You know your loved one probably better than most. Would they enjoy their time there? Are they clean and proper? How do they handle the laundry and care? Is the food good and wholesome? There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the right community. Joseph W. Lehn, Esq. LLM Elder Law is a dedicated attorney who assists seniors in finding good care, affording good care and paying for good care.