What happens when a Senior is in need of assistance but not quite ready for a nursing home? In Florida, Medicaid has a program designed for that situation for eligible seniors. The program is called The Medicaid Waiver Program. This program allows seniors to either stay at home, with the assistance of at home help, or live in an assisted living community. The Medicaid Waiver program follows the same eligible guidelines as long term nursing home Medicaid. The monthly income limit for anyone applying for Medicaid needs to be under $2,250.00 and asset limit for a single person needs to be under $2,000.00. If your income or assets are above these limits, you may still qualify for Medicaid with the help of an experienced Elder Law Attorney. Unlike Long Term Nursing Home Medicaid, the Medicaid Waiver is based on high medical need. When a senior is in need of extra medical assistance or needs help paying for an assisted living community, they reach out to the Area on Agency. The Area on Agency of Southwest Florida is a nonprofit organization serving seniors and adults with disabilities. The Agency will then put the senior on the Medicaid Waiver wait list. The Agency first does a phone evaluation to determine if a home evaluation is needed. When the Agency believes your medical needs are high, they will come out to your home to evaluate you. The seniors with the most medical needs get the highest priority and go to the top of the wait list. Once a high medical need has been established, the senior will quality for a Medicaid Waiver. The Medicaid Waiver Program and Long Term Nursing Care Medicaid are complicated and complex programs. If you are looking into Medicaid for yourself or a loved once don’t take on the stressful process alone and become vulnerable to mistakes. Let a knowledgeable Elder Law Attorney guide you and lead you to a Medicaid Approval.