Creating a will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones after you pass away. However, many people overlook some critical things that should never be left out of an estate plan. Here’s what you should make sure is included, and who to call to help you get a solid last will & testament in place.

1. Alternate Beneficiaries

You expect that your beneficiary will be alive when you pass on, but there’s a chance that they might not be. If your beneficiary has passed and your will does not name an alternate beneficiary, the state may decide how to distribute your assets and property. Name one or two other beneficiaries as alternates to be on the safe side.

2. The Specifics

Don’t be tempted to simply state in your will that your possessions should be divided among your beneficiaries. Instead, be specific. Give instructions on exactly what will go to whom. Or, specify how your assets should be sold and how the funds from those sales should be distributed. This may make your will longer, but it will take the guesswork out of figuring out what you would have wanted.

3. How You Want Your Pets Cared For

If you have pets, they’re likely very important to you. When an individual passes away, their family members may not know what to do with their pets. This can often lead to beloved pets being taken to a shelter after their owner’s death. Make an arrangement with a family member to care for your pets and put it in your will, or specify a rescue group or shelter if necessary. Spell out exactly how you want your pets to be cared for after your passing so you can have peace of mind that they will be taken care of.

How to Get Started Writing Your Will

For many people, writing a will is not a fast or easy process. But it is an important one, and it’s critical to have adequate guidance at every stage. At Lehn Law, P.A., we can help you make the right decisions for you and your loved ones and to put them into writing. Call us today for a consultation at (941) 255-5346.