Medicaid planning is a crucial part of preparing for your elderly loved one to enter a nursing home. Many people mistakenly believe that in order to qualify for Medicaid-provided nursing home care, they must be in poverty. This is far from the truth; however, Medicaid does have limits on assets. In order to qualify for Medicaid-provided nursing home care, an individual can engage in a Medicaid spend down.

What Are Non-Countable Assets?

In order to ensure that you meet Florida’s Medicaid asset requirements to receive Medicaid-provided nursing home care, you can spend down your money on “non-countable” assets. Putting money in a savings account would be considered a “countable” asset. However, by spending that money on things that cannot be counted against you, you can reduce your assets enough to qualify. Examples of non-countable assets include but are not limited to:

  • Funeral pre-planning
  • Repairing your home
  • Paying your mortgage off
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Purchasing new furnishings for your home
  • Replacing your car
  • Paying for additional home care

Are There Alternatives to a Medicaid Spend Down?

In some cases, going through the Medicaid spend down process is not the best maneuver for an elderly individual. Alternatives to a Medicaid spend down include setting up an irrevocable living trust, or transferring assets to family members at a fair market value. However, in order to avoid taxes and to ensure that you are abiding by state and federal regulations, it is critical to work with an experienced elder law attorney who understands the Medicaid spend down process.

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